MC Wheel's "How do I box up my wheel?"
step by step picture book.
Step 1:
Select or scavenge a nice box from somewhere. 
For a 17" wheel we recomend a 20" by 20" box.
Step 2:
Pad the bottom of the box.  We like wads of paper and some cardboard.
Step 3:
Place your wheel in the center of the box.  Use a compass or sextant to exactly center wheel.  Bearings shouold be left in. The rotors may be left on or removed. Tire should be removed. Any loose pieces (spacers, cush drives, etc) should be removed so they don't get lost in the box.  If you don't remove them and they do get lost, we will not buy you new ones.  If you can pull it off with your hands, please do so.
Step 4:
Stuff paper and similar materials all around the wheel for the rough journey.  Assume it will be dropped on concrete a few times by your friendly neighborhood delivery person.
Step 5:
Add more padding and a layer of cardboard.  If you're leaving the rotors on, pack them with extreme care.  When we are straightening bent rotors, some of the work can be done with our bare hands!  They bend easily.

If you are sending more than one wheel, a couple of layers of cardboard between the wheels is a good idea.  Metal rubbing on metal is unkind to paint and more.
Step 6:
Very, very important!!
Include a note with all your contact info and any instructions regarding services desired. If you want rush service, please write RUSH in big letters on the outside of the box.
Step 7:
Tape it closed.  You've done well.  Have a beer!
Step 8:
Shake up the box.  If it clanks around or you feel uncomfortable dropping on the ground, you did a bad job.  Go back to step one!
You may not have all the materials we recomend, but do not despair!  A little creativity and care should yield acceptable results.
      Ship to:
MC Wheel Repair
405 E Wetmore rd #117
Tucson, AZ 85705
We recomend shipping with UPS.  If you need quicker shipping or live in Alaska or Hawaii, we recomend priority mail via US Post Office.  It is a bit more exspensive than UPS ground, but can be quite a bit faster and the USPS moves packages on Saturdays.
If you want to print your own shipping label cheap, go here: