Will there be any cosmetic damage to my wheel from your straightening process?

Sometimes.  We use heat and hydraulic pressure to repair your wheel.    We do our best to preserve your finish, but our number one priority is to repair your wheel safely.

Do you paint wheels?

We no longer offer any in house cosmetic work.  There are several business near us that offer many refinishing options.   Paint, powder coat, plastic dip, and chrome plating.  Their services range from the very affordable (plastic dip) to costly (chrome plating).

Can you fix any wheel?

We can fix almost any wheels, even cracked ones!  If your wheel cannot be fixed, there is no service charge.

Is the wheel weakened by the straightening process?

We slow heat the wheels so as to not damage the tempering of the metal.  Care and talent restores the wheels original form with little or no work hardening.  Any wheel with compromised integrity is considered junk and there will be no service charge.

How long have you been doing this?

We have been straightening motorcycle wheels since 1996,  long enough to master the side to side bends that no one else seems to be able to fix.  See about us to learn more about our wheel straightening history.

Why don't you use a lathe to get perfect run out?

Some other wheel companies get a wheel close and then machine the bead down to get "perfect" run out.  We don't recommend the process for three reasons. 
1.  Removing material to get better run out gives you a thinner wheel, which can be prone to fracturing and can obviously only be done a few times.  Wheels repaired with our process can be repaired again and again.  Just ask some of the stunt riders we sponsor.  Those guys know how to bend a wheel!
2.  It's cheating!  If we can't fix the damage to a wheel, we don't "sweep" the damage under the carpet!
3.  You don't need it.  We repaired the front wheel for Jeff McLean to our street specs (.5mm), which he used to set the new land speed record in 2009 for the 600 class, 179 mph!  For track racers who take corners at high speed, we offer race specs (.35mm), which is good for ANY speed.

Who do you recommend to ship wheels through?

We recommend shipping with UPS.  In my experience they have been the most reliable and only slightly more costly.  If you need quicker shipping or live in Alaska or Hawaii, we recommend priority mail via US Post Office.  It is a bit more expensive than UPS ground, but can be quite a bit faster and the USPS moves packages on Saturdays.

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